Jay started playing guitar at the ripe 'ol age of 19, in college, shortly before getting the big phone call from George - of - you guessed it, the Boy George rock & roll band. Of course, he couldn't say "no" to such a wonderful opportunity to play guitar in such a successful band (yes...they had guitar in that band). 

After a long stint and much success touring the world - that all ended shortly before joining DeepSix.

Jay had grown tired of the "perks" that came with the gig and decided to change gears by joining a local band from Chicago called DeepSix in the summer of 2005.  Says Jay "I don't know, one day I just got tired of playing with George and that's when I decided to join DeepSix!!!!"

Jay would like to thank his family and his beautiful wife, Sally, for their support in pursuing his passion to ROCK!!!! 

First Concert:
Def Leppard

Ice Cream

Football & MMA

Anything with Alcohol in it!

Fave D6 Song:
Whatever Gets the Crowd Going!

My Family and most of all my Mom (RIP)

Marshall Amplification
Buddha Superdrive 30 AMP

Gibson Les Paul
Fender Stratocaster
Paul Reed Smith SE Single Cut
D'Addario Strings
Monster Cables
Mucho Pedals, Picks & Stuff
THE Mullett

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